Saturday, March 12, 2011

Score FREE Right Guard Body Wash or BO Sticks

If you don't score yourself a couple of FREE Right Guard body washes or BO sticks in the week ahead, then you have only yourself to blame. Why? Because this Sunday's Red Plum insert has a coupon for Buy One Get One FREE coupon for any Right Guard product. Combine that with the fact that Walgreens has a Buy One Get One Free on Right Guard body wash and BO sticks and that means you can score two of either of these products FREE. You only pay the sales tax unless you are one of those lucky souls who live in a state with NO sales tax. And I am really jealous of you folks!

A lot of you probably don't know yet that Right Guard recently introduced their own body wash. I admit that I was one of those who resisted that notion but after having used body wash, I'm sold on the concept. After all maybe half of your bar of soap is going to melt away in the shower. Better to keep soap bottled in liquid form. My wife resisted even longer than I did. I actually bought her some Nivea for Women body wash plus a bunch of Oil of Olay body wash (all FREE of course) yet she never touched them. When she asked me to get her some bars of soap, I told her no way since she had lots of body wash. This forced her to try it out and she immediately wondered why she resisted so long.

Well, this seems to be the best Walgreens deal this coming week but if any of you have Register Rewards, PLEASE give them a try at Walmart and report back here the results. Yes, you will have some resistance but the new policy definitely allows for the usage of Walgreens Register rewards there. So far this week I scored 2 FREE steaks, a barbeque chicken, sugar, and coffee at Walmart by using register rewards. A whole new world of couponing has opened up because of the new policy.

Oh, and enjoy your FREE body wash!


  1. I live in PA n in the redplum they didn't have that coupon. Would you happen to know where I can get it? Thanks

  2. i got mine from the sunday paper in the Red Plum section and then there was the in store sale. so combine all of it and its Free... problem is.. each of my stores only had one bottle left, u may have to request a rain check.. i did!

  3. Oh yea... one more thing! Also get the Buy one get one coupon for Old Spice body wash and use it at walgreens while they are running their buy one get one half off special, so u get two for like $3.25