Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Extreme Couponing" Returning as a Series to TLC Next Week

Set your DVRs for 9 PM EDT next Wednesday, April 6. That is when the new TLC series, "Extreme Couponing," kicks off. They had it as a special last December and the response was so great that it has been turned into a series.

Judging from the video on the HOME PAGE of this series, it looks like they have new couponeers featured. I don't know if they will stick to the same group each week or if new couponeers will be featured each week. If the latter, I wonder if TLC would ever get around to contacting The Coupon Whisperer. They might not want me since I prefer to deal in quality, not quantity although when I first started out I went whole hog by getting enormous amounts of stuff that I had no room for. Also the Elmore Leonard quality of my life here in South Florida might be a bit too bizarre for the TLC folks. Like, for example, Randy the Gollum to whom I gave a lot of chicken wings just might be too strange for TV. Somehow I don't think images of this homeless Gollum washing himself off in a dirty canal would go over too well with audiences. Also some of the problem managers I run into which might make for good TV would probably be on their best behavior knowing they are being recorded. A certain throwback redneck store manager comes to mind and I don't think he would want the outer world to see him as he really is.

In any event I highly recommend that you record ALL these "Extreme Couponing" shows. They should have some very good tips that you can use.

Somewhat Off-Topic but there is now a TERRIFIC Publix deal going on. I won't tell you what it is but if you research you should be able to discover the deal. One hint: It is a $1.01 MM per item.

Enjoy "Extreme Couponing" next week! I will probably have "debriefings" of some of these episodes here at The Coupon Whisperer.


  1. So, I tuned in a little late, but so far I haven't heard mentioned where they get their coupons, and how much they spend on newspapers buying their coupons. Also, it looks like their stores double coupons...most of ours don't, at least not here locally.

  2. Rarely do I see coupons for milk and meat.....any ideas? Maybe I just live in the wrong part of the country?

  3. April---Notice the part about where they mentioned something about "moneymaker" or "made money." Those are overages that can be applied to other products.