Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scour Your Dollar General Trashcans

Reach into your local Dollar General trashcan? Yecccchhh! Yeah, maybe the more sensitive among you might revolt at that idea. However, if you do reach in and grab the sales receipts you will find some gold in the form of a $5/$25 coupon attached to each receipt that you can use on Friday only.

I don't know about you but I already have scenarios worked out where using this coupon in conjunction with manufacturer's coupons, I'll be getting tons of stuff tomorrow for FREE!!! If you really can't stomach reaching into the trashcans for the valuable sales receipts, then you can buy candy for about 75 cents each. I did that PLUS grabbed the receipts out of the trashcans to net me a total of 27 of the $5 off $25 purchase coupons. I recommend that you turn in your $5/$25 coupon FIRST followed by your manufacturer's coupons.

Over the past year I have noticed Dollar General stores popping up all over the place. With this type of marketing strategy it is no wonder. I just hope they have more such coupons in the future because The Coupon Whisperer will put them to full use.

Happy Couponing!!!