Wednesday, August 31, 2011

99 Cent Quarter Chicken Meal!!!

Ok, I have some good news and some bad news about this INCREDIBLE 99 cent quarter chicken meal. First the good news:

It truly is only 99 cents and it includes rice and beans at La Parrilla restaurant. NO coupons needed. I checked it out today with some trepidation since I usually like to eat a half chicken. However, while waiting for my order to be presented I noticed a plate with a HUGE mound of rice plus a large bowl of beans. I figured it must be part of an order for a whole chicken. I was WRONG! It turned out to be my order. I went to condiments table and piled up a bowl chock full of marinated onions. Then I mixed the rice, beans, and onions together. That along with the quarter chicken really filled me up. In fact, I was so full, I don't know if I could have even finished a half chicken if it had been available. Also the chicken itself was outstanding. Definitely MUCH better than Boston Market chicken and I think even better than Pollo Tropicale. The onions are really outstanding due to the way they are marinated for an incredible flavor and texture.

And now for the bad news and this will make many of you cry:

This deal is ONLY available at La Parrilla restaurant in Margate, FL from 11 AM to noon on weekdays. If you show up at 12:01 PM you are out of luck. You MUST be there at the time stated for the deal. For those lucky enough to live in South Florida, especially in North Broward County, you can find La Parrilla at 1875 N. State Rd. 7, south of Copans, in Margate. Be sure to take advantage of this deal as soon as possible because the ad flyer stated this will be available for a LIMITED time only.


Are any of you out there planning to visit Disney World between now and next March? Have you given any thought as to WHERE you will be staying? Well, good news! GroupOn is now offering a half off deal at the Mike Ditka Resorts in Kissimee. Among the amenities are full kitchens, separate living room areas, FREE shuttle service to Disney World, Wi-Fi, multiple flat screen TVs, and two thematic heated outdoor swimming pools. The prices range from $69 to $85 per night. The latter is for a total of six people in two bedrooms. You can buy two GroupOns if you want to stay for 2 nights. Hey, even if you don't need this deal, I highly recommend you join (free to join) and find out any great deal in the future by clicking HERE.

And, remember, only suckers pay full retail.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FREE Propane!!!

Think "propane" and probably the first thing to come to mind would be Hank Hill of "King of the Hill." Lately, however, when I have been thinking of propane, the word "expensive" comes to mind.

I used to get a tank of propane for a mere $10 per tank at the City of Sunrise. Years ago that town had a fleet of vehicles that ran on propane (and what happened those vehicles?) but as that fleet was drawn down they still had a big propane station. So what they did was offer really cheap propane to the public. I used to love it. Just pull up to the propane station, hand them 10 bucks, and fill up my tank. So imagine my distress last May when I pulled up to the Sunrise propane station only to be hit with a notice that the service would NO LONGER be available. Talk about depressing...especially when I went to a regular propane station and shelled out 20 bucks.

However, good propane news hit me yesterday. Groupon sent me a notice that I could get propane locally for 50% off or just $10. Even better I had earned a bunch of Groupon bucks for referrals so paying with those, it meant NO money out of pocket, i.e. FREE!!!

I know there are some who claim that Groupon only offers deals on stuff that you don't need. Really? You might not need propane but The Coupon Whisperer sure does for his barbeque. If you have an emergency and lose power that propane comes in mighty handy for cooking up hot meals.

Anyway, it doesn't cost anything to join Groupon and you will be sent deals specific to your area. Refer your friends and it is amazing how many deals you can get for FREE like I did with this propane deal.

So what are you waiting for? Click GROUPON and get in on the deals. It costs NOTHING to join and you could end up scoring FREE propane.