Thursday, June 6, 2013

FREE 1290 MG Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills

You should be taking Omega 3 fish oil (or flax seed oil) pills for your heart health. Problem is that these pills can be a bit pricey. If you want a bottle of 60 1290 MG fish oil pills the regular price runs between $10.49 and  $12.99 per bottle. However, this week the sales price at Walgreens for the Sundown 1290 MG fish oil pills is only $7. But wait...THERE'S MORE!!!

When you buy one of these Sundowns you get a Register Rewards printout for another $7. Normally if you use that register rewards on another Sundown, you won't get another $7 RR printout. However, The Coupon Whisperer learned through a tipster that you will get those printouts even if you pay for a Sundown with a register rewards. As you can see in this VIDEO, The Coupon Whisperer quickly scored three FREE Sundown bottles strictly by paying with Register Rewards. No money changed hands. 

The first bottle paid with a $7 Register Rewards generated yet another $7 RR which was used to pay for the third bottle which printed out yet another RR. You can get as many of these Sundown Omega 3 fish oil pills as you want while the supply lasts. BTW, in the video, The Coupon Whisperer made an unusual mistake normally reserved for ordinary mortals. He said that the three bottles would last him 6 months. Actually, since the recommended dosage is 2 pills per day, it is about a 3 month supply but not to worry, later yesterday, The Coupon Whisperer picked up many more FREE bottles. Since these pills have expiration dates of 2015 and 2016 so stock up now and save yourself a hundred or even a couple hundred bucks worth in fish oil pills.

The FIRST bottle you get you will need to pay cash but if you use the $2 Sundown coupon available right there in Walgreens on page 51 of their Answers Vitamins & Supplements booklet you will pay $5. After that it is all FREE!!!

p.s. Look carefully on the bottles because many of them have a bonus number so the total amount will actually be 72, not 60, pills. Happy Hunting!