Friday, June 22, 2012

The Coupon Whisperer Becomes South Florida Barter King

Using the amazing powers that I developed as The Coupon Whisperer, I am now combining those skills to become the South Florida Barter King. I am sort of inspired to do so by the new "Barter Kings" show even though that series is obviously highly scripted. However, since I had some good barter experiences in the past, I plan to hone my bartering skills hopefully up to the level of my couponing skulls.

Yesterday, I performed my first coupon/barter deal. I picked up two dozen FREE bottles of body wash using coupons and traded them to my friend the Liquor Man for a 1 liter bottle of Grey Goose. The value of the Grey Goose is between $40 and $50 while the value of the body wash was about a hundred bucks. However, keep in mind the cost of that body wash to me was ZERO plus I already have a year's supply of the stuff and don't need any more.

So what to do with the Grey Goose? Well, I can drink it...or trade it for something else. And what would that "something else" be? Well, for me it would ultimately be a 1080 HD video camera so I can record episodes of "The South Florida Barter King" and upload them to YouTube so other folks can learn how to combine couponing with bartering.

But WAIT!!! The South Florida Barter King now has a SWEETENER! I am willing to throw in a 100% leather licensed Miami Heat jacket into the deal! Size large. I rarely wear it since I wear it only in very cold weather which doesn't happen too often down here. Therefore the jacket is in EXCELLENT condition.

So if you have a 1080 HD video camera that you want to exchange for a bottle of Grey Goose AND a Miami Heat leather jacket, pleased contact the Coupon Whisperer. As a fringe benefit, I would use that camera to record the sealing of the barter deal so you would appear in the FIRST episode of The South Florida Barter King show.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fantastic Easily Available Meat Coupons

I don't often post new editions of The Coupon Whisperer but when I do, you know they are good. And in this edition I will show how you can drastically CUT your food expenditures.

If you are even a casual couponer you know it is not difficult to score stuff like toothpaste and body wash for FREE or close to it. Plus you should have no trouble finding coupons for many food items. However, the major part of any food budget is meat and where do you find coupons for those packages of steak and other such goodies. Well, GOOD NEWS!!! I accidentally discovered a way to drastically cut down on meat costs. Here is what happened:

Several weeks ago I was at my local Super Target to buy Scrubbing Bubbles toilet kit refills. They had a deal where you got a $5 gift card when you buy 3 of them and combined with coupons the cost was almost nothing. Well, I spotted a half dozen of the refills on a shelf but I discovered that I had FORGOTTEN to bring my coupons so I went home. Since I was too tired to return to the Super Target, I decided to return the next day first thing in the morning to make sure I could get the remaining Scrubbing Bubbles toilet kit refills.

The next morning I was there at a little after 8 AM just after the store opened. I got on line with my refills and I noticed two women ahead of me who both had a bunch of skirt steaks so I asked them if they were on sale. They showed me the steaks and they all had $3 coupons on them. Since I love skirt steaks I immediately left the checkout line and made a beeline to the meat department where I pulled out several skirt steaks with the $3 coupons on them. Since the original price on all was a little over six bucks, that meant I got them all for a little over $3 each! The meat manager also told me they put out the meats with the coupons first thing in the morning.

Therefore I have made many morning trips to the nearby Super Target for the meat coupon deals. I don't always find the coupons on steaks but I almost always find them on other items like premium hamburger meat and boneless chicken breasts. The best time to get these deals is between 8 and 9 A.M.. I used to find these meat deals in the afternoon but not often. The best stuff get scooped up in the morning. Look for those $3 coupons on the smallest cuts available to get the most meat bang for your buck.

A couple of days ago I scored a FREE Jiffy Lube Oil Change coupon via Groupon. Many of you probably think Groupon is strictly for restaurants and recreation. Not true. There are a lot of very practical offerings from Groupon such as the oil change deal. In this case they were selling the coupon for $19 but I got it for FREE via my Groupon bucks that I earned for referrals. In fact the whole time I have been on Groupon I have payed a grand total of only $7 out of my own pocket and that was for a $15 eBay gift card so that was like giving me 8 bucks. It's FREE to join Groupon and you can start earning Groupon referral bucks after your first purchase.

Since I know you will be so incredibly grateful to me for offering such great coupon information such as this meat deal, you will want to show your gratitude by clicking HERE so I can earn more Groupon bucks after you make your first purchase should you decide to do so. Of course if you click on any of the Groupon links here I still qualify for the Groupon bucks. Hee! Hee!