Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Coupon Whisperer Scores FREE Walmart Steaks Via WAGS RRs!!!




Please stand by as The Coupon Whisperer performs his victory dance.

Boom! Shaka-laka-laka!



Well, today The Coupon Whisperer performed his magic. I went to the Walmart located here in Broward County at the corner of Atlantic and Pine Island. I walked in armed with 6 Walgreens Register Rewards...Four $3 RRs and two $2 RRs. Usually I have RRs in larger denominations of $5 or more but because the deals of the past two weeks worked out best where I got the $3 RRs, I had to work with what I had.

The first thing I did before even buying anything was to ask one of the cashiers if she was aware of the new Walmart policy about accepting Walgreens RRs. Of course she wasn't aware of this policy so she conferred with manager Chuck who confirmed that they got an e-mail last week allowing the use of WAGS RRs.

Woo! Hoo!

Then The Coupon Whisperer took his shopping cart and picked up two sirloin steaks. One was $8.21 and the other was $7.57 or just under the $16 in RRs that I had. Because my RRs were in smaller denominations, I also picked up four bottles of soda to make the total number of products 6 to match the number of coupons. Hey! I had to get soda anyways.

Well, I get to the same cashier again and after she rung up my stuff I whipped out my Register Rewards to pay. Trouble. Suddenly she gives me some spiel about "double couponing." Huh! Then she called another cashier over who I was sure hadn't a clue about the real coupon policy and the other cashier also mumbles something about "double couponing." At that point a newbie would probably be intimidated but I replied in my most confident voice:

"I am The LEGENDARY Coupon Whisperer who lives, sleeps, breaths, and writes about coupons and I can assure you that I know what double couponing is and this is NOT double couponing since the number of Register Rewards in this case does NOT exceed the total number of items purchased."

That seemed to have put both cashiers into a hypnotic trance and my cashier suddenly nodded in agreement and took my Register Rewards.

And so, my fellow Couponeers, The (LEGENDARY) Coupon Whisperer has scored his first FREE steaks at Walmart via the WAGS RRs. Right now both steaks are marinating in my FREE Ken's Teriyaki marinade which I picked up at Publix a few months ago. It is going to taste soooooo good in about an hour.

Already The Coupon Whisperer is envisioning FREE gasoline sometime in the near future.

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