Thursday, March 24, 2011

Save Your Ken's Marinade Coupons

If there is one coupon you should be saving, it is the $1 Ken's Marinade coupon in the current SmartSource insert. I am planning on saving about 40 to 60 of them. They expire April 30 and there is a good chance that Publix or another store will sell them BOGO before then. Since they usually sell for $2.99 that means you can get this marinade for only about 50 cents each. Even better, Albertsons sometimes put them on sale for only a buck each which means you can score these FREE.

My favorite of their marinades for steaks is the Honey Teriyaki marinade which you can see above. However, for pork ribs, the Herb & Garlic is OUTSTANDING. I used this marinade a couple of weeks ago on some ribs you won't believe how incredible it made them taste.

Yes, marinade makes all the difference in the world when cooking meats. I don't see the point of buying expensive meat and then not soaking it in marinade. And with these coupons, the marinades can be incredibly cheap.

Of course, some people are clueless when it comes to marinades in particular and sauces in general. Such a person is my aunt whom I have always found to be quite annoying. Anyway, when I was sixteen I was visiting my uncle (her husband) and she made breakfast for myself and my 3 younger cousins who at that time ranged in age from 6 to 11. And what a HORRIBLE breakfast it was. Since my aunt was big on teflon she fried eggs by themselves in one of those pans sans butter or any other sauce. Then she cooked the bacon separately. As I told her at the time, her breakfast tasted more like it came out of a chemical lab than a kitchen. I also loudly told her that she was KILLING HER KIDS with such lousy tasteless food. Sooooooo..... I took it upon myself to RECOOK the breakfast fit for normal human beings.

First I cooked the bacon and THEN I fried the eggs in the same grease. As I told my aunt, that way the taste of the bacon would permeate the eggs. I really laid it on thick telling her that you can't cook food without using sauces, butter, marinade, garlic, etc.. I even asked the kids to rate my breakfast against that of my aunt it really pissed her off when the cousins gave my food their enthusiastic approval. What was really frightening is that until that time those cousins probably thought it was NORMAL for food to taste bland.

I knew all this was irritating my aunt which is why I thoroughly enjoyed that cooking lesson. As to my cousins, I haven't seen or heard from them in years but I am sure they still remember that breakfast that I prepared as the first time they ate food that wasn't horribly bland.

And right now, The Coupon Whisperer has three ribeye steaks sitting in some Ken's Honey Teriyaki marinade. Ready for cooking in just a few minutes.

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