Saturday, January 29, 2011

Land of Double Coupons

Do you live in the Land of Doubles aka Land of Double Coupons? This is an area where stores double your coupons, usually up to $1. The Coupon Whisperer used to live in the Land of Doubles when he was in Los Angeles. Back then, most of the big supermarkets doubled the coupons up to $2. There was even one supermarket that would TRIPLE the coupons twice a year. No problem at all buying like $400 worth of groceries for only about 50 bucks. And this was before the Internet was around to offer an easy guide for strategic couponing.

Since that time it seems like the doubling of coupons has been restricted to only a maximum of $1 but there are still a lot of places that continue doubling coupons. One downside for me was that doubling coupons got me lazy. When I moved to Florida, I was quickly bummed out by the fact that this state doesn't have any stores that would double coupons. As a result, I lazed off on my couponing because I thought there was now no point to it since the doubling factor was removed. Little did I realize that there are MANY other highly effective coupon strategies out there. In fact, I prefer that Florida is the Land of True BOGO where we can buy BOTH items free during a BOGO sale when we have BOGO coupons for that item. It seems that areas within the Land of Doubles are not also Lands of True BOGO.

So check to see if your state falls within the realm of the Land of Doubles. For example, I know that most of the state of Georgia doubles coupons. Even here in Florida, K-Mart sometimes allows coupon doubling but they put so many caveats and restrictions on it that it seems like you need to consult a lawyer first before doubling your coupons.


One final note: the next two weeks look to be INCREDIBLE for working the WAGS Register Rewards deals. Investigate the coupon forums and find out the details for yourselves.

Happy Couponing!

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