Monday, January 10, 2011

FREE Tide!!!

I used to get some really incredible deals via couponing on a variety of laundry detergents but my wife wasn't satisfied. She wanted only one brand: Tide. It seems that people from Venezuela have developed VERY strong loyalties to various product brands. For example, she also disdained any toothpaste except for Colgate (or "Col-gah-teh" as she pronounces it) although I have finally gotten her to become a fan of Crest as well. This wasn't a problem because I have been able to score a lot of FREE tubes of both Colgate and Crest via creative couponing. However, Tide had remained a problem.

The Tide coupons seem to always be for just a dollar. The 100 oz Tide is usually $15.99 in the store although sometimes it is discounted down to as low as $9.99 which makes the cost after applying the coupon $8.99. The 50 oz size is normally about $8.99 and when they are discounted down to $5.99 it is still going to cost you 5 bucks after the coupon. So how to get FREE detergent while keeping my wife from griping all the time?

Simple. I discovered travel size products which are numerous and include Tide. Just do what I did last Saturday and go to either Target or Walmart. I went to the travel size bin of Target and, using 10 Tide one dollar coupons, picked up 10 travel size packets of Tide. Each Tide packet has enough detergent for one laundry load. They were selling for 97 cents each so my final cost for them was FREE!!!

And now my wife isn't complaining about a lack of Tide. Now she is griping about how she has to go through the "trouble" of opening a Tide packet every time she wants to wash a load of laundry. You know what? TOUGH!!!

Oh and all the info about the travel size Tide packs and the coupon you need to use is pretty much self-explanatory in the photo above. You will probably find that same coupon again in your local Sunday newspaper on January 16 in the P&G insert.

Happy Tiding!

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