Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free/Cheap Pizza

Ah, pizza! Who could possibly not love it? In fact, pizza is probably the most loved treat in the world. And the amazing thing is that most pizza is easily available at a price you can afford: cheap or, better yet, FREE!!!

However, as popular as pizza is today, it was a relatively recent development in the history of food. In fact, the basic recipe for pizza is entirely accidental. Although what I would call pizza precursors, flat bread covered with olive oil and seasonings, have been around for over three thousand years the basic elements of the pizza were entirely unavailable until fairly recently. The Coupon Whisperer should know since he wrote a TREATISE on the subject back in his Write4Cash (aka MakeAnEasyBuck) days. So be sure to take notes boys and girls because not only the amazing history of pizza but how to get it Free/Cheap via couponing WILL be appearing in your Blue Book exam.

The mozzarella element of pizza had to wait until after the 7th century AD when water buffaloes were imported into Italian peninsula. It still took many centuries, until the 17th century, when the mozzarella cheese from those water buffaloes was made and became popular.

Tomatoes were even more problematic. They had to wait until Columbus discovered them in the New World. And even after that it took several more centuries until Italians even began eating them because they thought tomatoes were poisonous. Were the Italians that stupid? Hey, no stupider than the Pilgrims who considered lobsters to be inedible and tossed their carcasses into the ground to be used as fertilizer.

And now we come to the accidental, yet wonderful birth of the modern pizza. Gluttons the world over must memorialize that great day in 1889 when Raffaele Esposito, a Neopolitan chef, decided to bake something special for Queen Margherita of Savoy. What chef Esposito baked for the Queen was the Italian flag. I'm not kidding. That is exactly what he intended to do. See, the colors of the Italian flag are red, white, and green. So the chef baked a flat bread covered with tomato sauce for the red, mozzarella cheese for the white, and basil for the green. Taste wasn't even a consideration. It was just supposed to LOOK good. However, some party guests couldn't resist. They desecrated that Italian "flag" by munching on it. The chef was probably quite angry when he found out but the guests raved about that tasty flag aka pizza. And now you know how pizza was was really meant to be a flag. Which makes me wonder what would have happened had the Italian flag had the same colors as the Irish flag. Let's see. A pizza covered with basil, mozzarella cheese, slices. Hmmm...Somehow I don't think it would have been quite the hit as that other recipe.

By now you are drooling in hunger at the thought of pizza and are impatiently awaiting for The Coupon Whisperer to reveal how to get free/cheap pizza. Well, now you know how I felt this afternoon. I was in a Publix and a demonstrator there was giving out free slices of Red Baron microwave pizza. I prefer oven baked but I liked the price. Plus who in their right mind would turn down a free slice of any kind of pizza. So after gobbling down my sample, I asked for a Red Baron coupon which the lady demonstrator handed me. It was for a dollar off. I noticed that the Red Baron pizza is currently on sale at Publix at $5.97 BOGO so I asked Miss Demonstrator for another coupon. This time she refused stating that she was only allowed to hand out ONE coupon per customer. She also stated that since the sale was Buy One Get One FREE, I could only use one coupon anyways. WRONG Mozzarella Breath! You can use one coupon on EACH pizza...the one you pay for AND the free one. This would bring the total price down to $3.97 or just a couple of bucks each.

So how to resolve the dilemma of how to get my second Red Baron's pizza coupon? The moment I got home, I fired up my laptop and simply typed "Red Baron Pizza Coupon" into Google search and quickly found several sites where they are available. I went to one of the sites and printed out one of the coupons. Problem solved. So guess what I will picking up cheap at the supermarket tomorrow? Actually I will probably getting them for FREE using The Coupon Whisperer Secret Decoder Ring to resolve that minor problem. As you might remember, it was only a little over a week ago when I scored a half dozen FREE DiGiorno pizzas at Walgreens using my Register Rewards.

The fact is, most pizza brands have LOTS of coupons available whether online or in your Sunday coupon inserts. Because of intense competition there are so many coupons available that you can easily score free/cheap pizzas especially when they are on sale. Remember, match the coupons to the sales. And that tactic works with all other products as well.

Happy Munching!

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