Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More FREE Propane!!!

One of the biggest misconceptions about GroupOn is that it is strictly for restaurants, entertainment, and travel. Well, your humble correspondent has taken advantage of those discount offers but for the most part, I have used GroupOn for "meat and potatoes" necessities. And one of my favorite necessities is propane. You might remember I had a post in this blog last year about getting FREE propane and guess what? I did it again!

I bought the propane last year in August but used my GroupOn coupon in January to score my FREE propane. Well, since I use the barbeque a couple of times per week, my tank will soon run out of propane. A few days ago I drove by the propane place where I got my tank in January and made the wish that the propane deal would become available again. It was almost like the Coupon god was reading my mind because on Monday, I saw the same propane deal on GroupOn again. Of course I immediately "bought" it since this is something I definitely need.

I put "bought" in quotes since I actually paid NO money for the propane. The reason is that I referred so many people that I earned plenty of GroupOn bucks with which I "paid" for the propane. In fact, the grand total of money out of my pocket that I have spent ever since joining GroupOn has been $7 and that was for a $15 eBay gift card which I used immediately. Everything else was purchased with the GroupOn bucks I earned from referrals.

My most exotic purchase so far has been for a four hour kayaking trip which I will take in a couple of weeks. Everything else has been the meat and potatoes stuff.

Since my propane wish has been granted perhaps I can be granted my other GroupOn wish: Discount tickets for Rapids Water Park in West Palm Beach. I've seen the Water Park from the outside and it is HUGE. If GroupOn makes such a discount deal available, I would snap it up for myself and relatives including 3 kids who I know would love the place.

Of course, this would end up as a FREE deal for me if I earn just a few more GroupOn bucks. So just click HERE to give me those referral bucks that I could apply to the Water Park. BTW, it is FREE to join GroupOn and the advantage is that you will be informed of all the deals in your area so you will be ready to snap them up when they become available.

Oh, and just so you know, I did see a Bahamas cruise for two for two nights including meals for just $199. So if you are planning to visit South Florida sometime in the next year, you might want to take advantage of that at GroupOn.

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