Sunday, February 27, 2011

Did You Score Your FREE Motrin + RRs Today?

So did you score your FREE Motrin PM PLUS get your $3.00 Register Rewards today? If you didn't, then it is probably too late to take advantage of this deal. Since there was a big buzz about it on the Walgreens websites, the folks in the know most likely grabbed up the Motrin PMs already. It was a really sweet deal. For every Motrin PM 20 count you purchased, you got $3.00 in RRs. But wait...THERE'S MORE!!! There were also coupons out there for $6.00 off any two Motrin PMs. Since these Motrins are on sale for $3.00 each, that means you could have gotten two Motrin PMs for FREE as well as scoring $3.00 in Register Rewards.

The Coupon Whisperer got up bright and early this morning and a good thing he did. Although I scored a bunch of these Motrins early, it started slowing down by 11:oo AM since the smart folks were clearing them off the shelves. I had a dry spell that lasted over an hour in the afternoon but I lucked out at about 1:30 when I found a Walgreens with 20 in stock on its shelf. In total, I scored a grand total of 76 Motrin PMs which also yielded me 38 $3 Register Rewards worth a total of $114. Nothing OOP. I still have 3 of those $6.00 off 2 Motrin PM coupons left and perhaps I can still use them later in the week IF Walgreens restocks but I'm not really counting on it.

Meanwhile I have plenty of Register Rewards "ammunition" to play with this week. Luckily there are a PLETHORA of great RR deals this week at Walgreens so buying more stuff will yield me even more Register Rewards especially with coupons that make many of these deals moneymakers (MM). I am thinking of the Colgate Total Advanced deal as one example. A tube that is on sale for $2.99 yields $3 in RRs. Since I have coupons that knock that cost down to just 99 cents, this would actually INCREASE the value of my current Register Rewards. I am thinking that just ONE $3 RR can be used to buy the Colgate plus a $1.99 Polygrip which yields a $2.00 RR. Therefore by just spending sales tax OOP and the $3.00 RRs, I would get both these items PLUS $5.00 in Register Rewards. This is why it was important to score all those Motrin PMs earlier today so as to get lots of RRs to play with.

BTW, I have already used some RRs on food items. I had a $10 RR left over from a Neuragen deal last week. Since the WAG Wings are just $2.99, I figured I would use that RR plus $2.00 OOP to buy 4 boxes of WAG Wings. However, imagine my surprise when the WAG Wings rang up at just $2.50 each. An unadvertised sale which meant I spent NOTHING OOP to score those four WAG Wing boxes. I also used 2 of my $3 Motrin PM RRs to buy 2 59 oz bottles of Simply Orange OJ bottles which were on sale at 2 for $6.

Moral of the story here: Be alert in ADVANCE to the good deals because they run out FAST.

p.s. Am now working on a coupon method which might shave several dollars per gallon off your price of gasoline. If I can work this out, then please prostrate yourselves before The Coupon Whisperer and worship the ground upon which he treads. Hey, humility is my middle name!


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