Sunday, December 2, 2012

FREE Body Wash!!!

It's been getting harder and harder to find FREE body wash. A couple of years ago I was awash with body wash because it was so easy to get for free. However, lately it's been tough to score free body wash.

However, I have found a deal which allows you to get up to 10 bottles of 16 oz Axe Body Wash (or "Shower Gel" as they call it) for free. Since these deals don't come around too often, I recommend you take advantage of it.

Here is how it works for you folks living in an area served by Publix. Right now Axe is on sale at Publix until next Friday for just $3.49. The current Green Advantage Flyer available at all Publix outlets has a store coupon for $1. Now if you check today's newspaper in the SmartSource flyer, you should see an Axe coupon for $2.00. So when you combine the store and the manufacturer's coupons you get $3 off. Huh? But...but what about that extra 49 cents remaining. After all, 10 times 49 cents is $4.90 for all ten bottles. A good price but hardly free. Well, if you had been collecting Winn Dixie $5 off $30 coupons like I recommended you can apply it to this deal to absorb that extra $4.90. Oh, and don't worry about it being a Winn Dixie coupon. You can still use it at Publix if you have Winn Dixie stores in the area.

Perhaps you should do like me and stock up on Winn Dixie coupons. One option is to buy the City Entertainment books. Each book has 4 Winn Dixie coupons. Sometime soon I will get into detail on that deal but it is well worth it since you get each $5 Winn Dixie coupon for under a buck. Plus you get coupons you can use for fast food stores such as Burger King which are worth more that you are paying for the book.

One big advantage of body wash is they are great to have as part of your survivalist gear. Let's say the economy goes so far down the tubes that you find yourself without running water for extended periods of time. So how to shower? Simple. It's called rain. Simply walk outside with a washcloth and soap during rainstorms and shower away via Mother Nature. Body wash is preferable to simple bar soap since the latter will melt while you are showering outside. Plus where do you put the soap? With body wash you just squeeze the amount you want into a washcloth and then close the bottle and set it on the ground. No losing vital soap as you would do with a bar of soap.

Fortunately, here in South Florida, the hottest, most humid time of year when you really need to bathe is also the rainiest time of year. Almost every afternoon has thunderstorms so daily Mother Nature showering is easily available. And you can bet I have been stocking up on body wash should such showering be necessary.

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