Saturday, June 4, 2011

Combat Roach Killer---$1.19!!!

It's that time of year when the cockroaches come out in force. Fortunately there is a really inexpensive way for you to get Combat Cockroach Killer in the syringe form which dispenses gel pellets that the roaches eat and ultimately kills them.

Here is how to do this deal IF you live in a Publix area: Get the Publix Yellow sheet and clip out the Combat store coupons for $3 off. Then go to the section of your Publix where they sell insecticide and take note of the "Blinkie" which dispenses coupons. Right now the Blinkies are dispensing $1 Combat product coupons. Now be sure you grab the boxes of Combat with a picture of the syringe on the front that look like the one above since it is selling for $5.19 each. Stack the two coupons together and you deduct $4 total leaving you a net cost of only $1.19 per box. A real cheap way of combating (pun intended) your roaches.

In my case, a fringe benefit of buying these boxes of Combat roach killer was meeting the BEST salesperson ever. It happened yesterday afternoon at the Coral Springs Publix on Sample Rd. near State Road 7. I had just entered the store when May the bag girl gave me a big smile and tossed a baguette of bread into my cart and chirped, "You're gonna absolutely LOVE this bread." And that is EXACTLY how great sales people make their sales. They assume the sale is done even before it ever happens. During the course of my checkered career I have sold everything from 10 foot satellite dish systems for $5000 to 50 cent Jesus nightlights and the most important thing about selling is COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in what you are selling. Assume ahead of time that the sale is done and 99% of the battle is done. Anyway, you sort of had to be there to appreciate what a pro May was at selling.

Oh, and if anybody out there wants to see a terrific movie about salesmen, then check out "Tin Men" starring Richard Dreyfus and Danny Devito. Some of the techniques used in that movie were very similar to what I used when selling the satellite dishes. Yes, they were big ticket items but for a certain stretch I was selling one or two of those dishes per day (once I even sold 3 dishes in a day) mainly because I assumed the sales were a done deal.

If you go to that Publix I mentioned, don't be too surprised if you walk out with a baguette that you originally didn't intend to buy. And does Publix know they have a top sales person in one of their stores?

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