Monday, May 2, 2011

Ping-Pong Your Way to 89¢ Gillette Fusion Proglide Razors

UPDATE: Great News!!! There is no need to buy the Optimum Care hair relaxer to do this deal. I checked it out today and the Register Rewards on the Gillettes are rolling. Use them over and over again on getting more Gillettes.

Well, it's been at least 6 weeks since I hit Walgreens hard. Yes, a couple of weeks ago they did have Air Wick compact air freshener starter kits on sale but after you've gotten the full sized Air Wicks at Publix for FREE like I did, it was hard to get excited about the Walgreens deal. On top of that, as is typical, all the Walgreens Air Wicks were gone within a couple of days.

However, this week there is a terrific deal on the Gillette Fusion Proglide razors, perhaps the best razors out there. They are on sale (power or manual) for just $9.89 with Register Rewards yielding $5. Use the $4 Gillette coupon in the May Procter & Gamble insert and your net cost will be only 89 cents. The best way to work yourself into this deal is to first buy Optimum Care hair relaxer or coloring kit for $6.99. You can print out unlimited $2 coupons for it HERE because it is a PDF file. Your first OOP on this will be $4.99 and will yield a $5 RR. Then use that RR on the Gillette razor which in turn will yield $5 RR which you can now use on the Optimum Care hair product. PING...PONG! Just go back and forth on this. Oh, and be sure to use fillers in each deal. Candy is on special for just 49 cents this week.

However, there is one glitch in this deal as The Coupon Whisperer found out yesterday. Since Optimum Care hair products were on sale last week, the Walgreens shelves are almost all EMPTY of this product. However, the Coupon Whisperer might have found a way around this problem and will do some experimentation on this later today. So how can I get around this glitch? Hey, that is why I am called the MIGHTY Coupon Whisperer.

This past weekend I was very busy with all sorts of coupon deals. However, my favorite deal came to me unexpectedly on Saturday when I found a J.C. Penney's $10 peelie coupon on the front of a local newspaper good towards any purchase of $25 or greater. Since I really needed a new pair of shoes plus the fact the coupon was good only for that day, I entered a Penney's store for the first time in years that afternoon. I knew I had a chance of scoring big since there was a sign on the door announcing a huge sale. When I got to the shoe department I noticed all LA Gear and Avia shoes marked down from $50 to just $28. I tried on a pair of Avias and, using my $10 peelie coupon, picked it up for only $18. And I must say this is the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. A real pleasure to wear them and that price can't be beat.

So ALWAYS keep an eye out for the front of newspapers. You will often find valuable peelie coupons on them. And I notice that these coupons tend to be in the higher dollar range.

And now off to my couponing!

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